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Fall Risk & Prevention

Falling and fall related injuries across all age groups play a significant factor in acute treatment and recovery related healthcare expenses. The increased risk and expense of fall related injury increases significantly with the more severe the injury, repeat visits to healthcare professionals, and long-term utilization of fall injury recovery related services. 

At Ainone, it is out contention that an early, accurate, and cost effective assessment process could reliably inform individuals, healthcare professionals, and occupational health professionals about potential fall risk indicators. We cannot prevent all fall accidents, but a significant impact on healthcare expense, and quality of life is possible. 

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Stürze von älteren Menschen

Stürze können gefährlich sein, und Stürze von älteren Menschen führen zu einer Vielzahl von Verletzungen oder potenziell lebensbedrohlichen Situationen. Schmerz und Leid einzelner Personen können mit hohen Kosten für die Behandlung oder damit verbundene Gesundheitsleistungen einhergehen. 

Falling does not have to be an “inevitable” consequence of aging. A good quality neuro performance assessment, together with other methods of assessing the risk of falls, can support healthcare professionals; Assisting in identifying potential “fallers” and developing the appropriate interventions to reduce the risk of falling. 

WHO – World guidelines for falls prevention and management for older adults: a global initiative.

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Falls & Occupational Health

Falls at, or going to and from, the work place setting are one of the leading causes of injury for “working aged” adults. Occupational settings receive a great burden of lost working hours and occupational health costs that are related to these potentially preventable accidents.