Ainone Balance


“Body Sway” can be referred to in many ways, although most typically this Sway is referred to as balance. Balance assessment is important.

Balance is required to perform tasks in everyday life. Moving, working, playing or simply turning our head requires balance. This requirement goes for everyone, from elite athletes to senior citizens.

“Poor Balance” and the nervous system’s inability to control the postural sway certainly has a significant impact on the quality of life.

Ainone Balance Measurement

Balance Assessment

The sooner that balance related problems are noticed, understood, and addressed the better. Improved balance undeniably allows people to participate in lifestyle and activities that they enjoy. 

One of the first steps in understanding balance disturbances is to obtain an accurate picture of balance; Additionally, understanding where the balance disturbances are coming. Only after understanding the balance performance are we be ready to improve the situation.

Ainone Services

Balance Testing & Training

Ainone Balance evaluation allows for specified testing, including different stances (feet together, one leg, tandem etc.), as well as testing modifications (eyes open/closed, soft/hard surface etc.). Testing that provides a wider picture of the patient/customer situation. 

A clear understanding of the individual’s balance ability allows healthcare or sport professional to better direct the rehabilitation or training program. Many disfunctions with postural sway can be improved. Specific training of performance will lead to a better quality of life or better performance. 


A Short Video Introduction to the Ainone Balance Assessment

This short introduction video provided some initial insight into the ease of operation and testing outcomes available using the Ainone Balance Application. 

Ainone Balance

The first All-In-One Solution on the market.

Ainone Balance is a non-diagnostic balance assessment device for health and sports specialists. Providing a fast, accurate, and financially feasible solution for assessing the balance of patients, clients, and athletes.

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