Ainone Neuro Performance

Neuro Perfor­mance

Neuro Performance is an integral part of daily life for every person on the planet. Under the management of the Central Nervous System (CNS),  the brain and spinal cord, the human body is capable of performing incredible tasks. However, the  level of performance will be different for each individual.  Performance will be defined by a variety of factors; which may be influenced participation in different activities. 

Ainone Balance Measurement

Neuro Performance Assessment

Performing an objective and quantitative Neuro Performance evaluation of the individuals will allow the healthcare professional, and the patient, to better understand the current situation of the neurological health and support in defining the best direction for maintaining or improving the state of the neurological health.  

Ainone Balance Solution

Assessment Products

The All-In-One Balance assessment product is the first of a series of products. All the products are directed at improving the quality of a quantitative Neuro Performance Evaluation. The goal is to provide assessments that are: Quantitative,  Practical & Repeatable, and Cost Effective.

Ainone Balance Solution

The Ainone Vision

Ainone will be the market leader in Neuro Performance Evaluation and a valued partner in neurological treatment.