Ainone Sports Training

Sports Training

Neuro Performance in sports training is not always considered. In many cases, participating in sports amplifies the need for certain requirements, such as power, strength, speed, focus, reaction, or balance. In almost all cases, there is a need to test, evaluate, and train most of these different elements in order to excel. 

Neuro Performance is integral to all different elements of sports performance. Without the Central Nervous System, there is no performance. We can make Neuro Performance training even more beneficial for the athlete, by quantifying the evaluation. The goal is to provide the coaches and athletes with specific data about performance. 

Balance in Sport

It is an assumption that when there is a strength requirement in sports, or a power requirement, or a speed requirement. These elements will be evaluated, measured, and trained. But what about Balance?

We can evaluate Balance better, and we should evaluate Balance better!

Concussion in Sport

Concussion in Sport

Concussion assessment and recovery has a direct influence on athletic performance and on the short term and long term performance health of the individual. Neuro Performance in sports training evaluations of the athlete at baseline, injury, and through the recovery process can positively support the understanding of the athlete situation with regards to recovery and return to play. Ainone Balance is one tool that can support these assessments and the health of the athlete.