Ainone Physio/Rehabilitation


As healthcare professionals, physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals are on the “frontline” in helping people manage a wide variety of physical challenges. One of the challenges at the beginning of the treatment process, is to get a realistic picture of the patient/client condition; and utilizing inexpensive and reliable evaluation technologies is one way to approach this challenge. 

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals are one of the key user groups of Ainone solutions. Integrating the evaluation tools as an important element in establishing a baseline understanding of the patient condition. 

Ainone Balance

Active Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals build the appropriate training program to ensure patient/client progression. To build this progressive training program the initial baseline understanding is the starting point. From this starting point the appropriate selection of exercises are chosen, provided, and monitored. 

To monitor the progression of the active treatment programs is it important to have reliable criteria. Ainone clinical assessment solutions allow for good test and re-test opportunities — allowing the healthcare professional to compare the starting place with the training progress and the outcome results.