Ainone Balance Solution

Ainone Balance®

All-In-One Neuro Performance assessment with Ainone Balance®.

The Ainone Balance evaluation system utilizes a Movesense Sensor and the Ainone Balance  application to evaluate Sway. The Sway can be evaluated using a series of different test, along with modifiable testing parameters, to produce Quantifiable, Repeatable, and Cost Effective evaluation outcomes.

Ainone Balance delivers fast, effective, and reliable assessment outcomes. Outcomes for the healthcare or sports professionals to utilize in the assessment, treatment, or training of their clients or athletes.

Ainone Balance Solution
Ainone Balance Measurement


The “body sway” is typically referred to as balance. Sway is made up of the ongoing minor corrections that the body performs, guided by the Central Nervous System (CNS), to maintain the desired posture. 

The CNS (brain and spinal cord) receives information via three main sensory systems. The somatosensory, vestibular and visual systems. Body sway is an integration of this sensory feedback and the subsequent generation of corrective actions, stabilizing the body through selective muscle activation.  Therefore, the complex process of maintaining balance is an important indicator of CNS functioning.

Early and effective assessments of this complex balance system can assist professionals in identifying, understanding, and addressing potential problems. 

Ainone Balance App and tablet

Ainone Balance®

Ainone Balance® is a Class I medical device – MDD 93/42/EEC (ISO 13485), and it directed for use by healthcare and sports professionals. 

The Ainone Balance results are non-diagnostic and are meant to provide the trained professional with valuable balance assessment information, to be analyzed and utilized within the context of the individual patient, client, or athlete situation. To learn more about Neuro Performance with Ainone Balance – contact us!