Ainone Elderly Care

Elderly Care

The proportion of the population that is over 65 years of age is growing, and will soon be at record numbers. With an increasing elderly population comes comes increased challenges and health related expenses. Elderly falls and neurological health will generate greater financial burden healthcare. 

Pro-active healthcare and prevention directed solutions are needed. These solutions will assist in sustaining long term health for the individual as well as assisting in eliminating additional healthcare costs. 

Ainone Elder Care

Elderly Falls

Falling is hazardous, and elderly falls generate a wide variety of injuries or potentially life threatening situations. Pain and suffering for the individual is often accompanied by high costs seen in treatment or related healthcare services. 

Falling does not have to be an “inevitable” consequence of aging. A good quality balance assessment, together with other methods of assessing the risk of falls, can support healthcare professionals. Assisting in identifying potential “fallers” and developing the appropriate interventions to reduce the risk of falling. 

Read the Hanko City White Paper here. 

Ainone Balance

Neurological Disorders

Early detection of age related neurological disorders is, to say the very least, important. Balance can, in some cases, be seen as an early indicator of age related degenerative disorders, such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Early detection means early intervention and the opportunity to develop the appropriate programs for the individual. 

Elderly falls and neurological health require solutions, and Ainone Balance is apart of that.