Motor screening
Includes basic movement and human performance screening. Including mobility, stability and movement control as follows:
  1. Ankle mobility and movement control
  2. Knee mobility and  movement control
  3. Hip mobility and movement control
  4. Lower back movement control
  5. Shoulder mobility
  6. Postural control

ALSO, If needed, motor screening test can be done in the same session with concussion baseline testing.

Motor Screening can be carried out in prehab and rehab both in athletes and young to working age people.

Concussion baseline tests

A baseline concussion test is usually performed before a sports season starts for athletes at risk of head injuries. Some athletes may need a baseline concussion test each year, especially if they’ve had a concussion or have another medical condition.

Concussion baseline testing includes:

  1. Questionnaire for typical concussion symptoms
  2. Balance and basic motoric screening


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Ainone creates Mobile platform solutions for Human performance measurement using Sensor technology and Artificial intelligence. Ainone is developing a novel, lightweight, mobile platform with the Movesense sensor technology and IBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with Ainone unique algorithms for rehabilitation and coaching use to measure the key components of human performance – all in one solution. Our first solution Ainone Balance® is easy to use, anywhere, anytime and gives accurate results about changes in human performance.

Ainone Balance Solution

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