Ainone in Health Europa: Using balance measurement to identify sport-related concussions

Originally posted September 10, 2021

Balance measurement can be used to identify concussions in sports. In addition, baseline surveys can be used to prevent concussions as well as to build sport performance profiles.

The ability to maintain postural control is determined by main input from visual, vestibular, and somatosensory proprioceptive systems, that coordinate muscles seamlessly. After a concussion, the cooperation between these sensory systems may be disrupted, causing, among other things, imbalance.

Balance measurement plays an important role in the assessment of concussions. Today, concussions in sports as well as top sports can be identified and even prevented with various baseline surveys and exercises. In addition, balance measurement, for example the Romberg test, has been studied to help identify the early stages of Alzheimer’s and assess the risk of elderly falls. The publication highlights the use of the relative value of balance as part of the concussion assessment process.

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