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There is a need for easy and cost efficient solution for objective and accurate balance measurement solution, which provides real time results and feedback for professionals. That’s why we created Ainone Balance® Software.

Ainone Balance® Software is intended for use by health, social and sports professionals to support the assesment of balance and to detect changes in human performance (Class I medical device – MDD 93/42/EEC)


Ainone creates Mobile platform solutions for Human performance measurement using the Movensense Sensor technology and Artificial intelligence. The solution is easy to use, anywhere, anytime and gives accurate results about changes in human performance.

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Tablet (Android)

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Movesense Sensor (Designed and manufactured by Suunto)



“Balance is one of the most critical measures of performance when assessing Sports Concussion and overall Neurological condition.”

Vernon B. Williams, MD
Director, Center for Sports Neurology & Pain Medicine
Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute

“As there are many dynamics in sports it is essential to base all mechanics from a solid and balanced place, this comes from a solid postural alignment and control.”

Per Lundstam
Alpine Sport Science Director
U.S. Ski & Snowboard

“Binocular vision is a key component along with proprioception and vestibular input in the perception of and manifestations of balance.”

Michael S. Berlin, MD MSc
Director, Glaucoma Institute of Beverly Hills
Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA
President, Finnish American Chamber of Commerce on the Pacific Coast


Matti Vartiainen

CEO, Co-founder,
PT, MSc, PhD

Experience in neurological rehabilitation and coaching

Anne Bruun


Experience from pharmaceutical industry, marketing and product launches

Teemu Kemppainen

MSc, Technology, Intelligent Products

Experience in startup product development,
Full-stack developer Machine learning

Greg Steele

Greg Steele

Project Manager
BSc. Kinesiology, PT.

A background in biomechanics, exercise physiology, and clinical treatment, with work experience in the international healthcare industry in product development/support and customer relations.

Heikki Sjöman

Head of Product Development,
Phd in Technology

Aino Aura

Aino Aura-Miettinen

Junior Sales Manager

Multi-skilled in sales and marketing
Strong sports and coaching experience


Pasi Haikola

Chairman of the Board

Pasi is a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Oulu and has worked for a long time as a sourcing expert, previously as the Director of Suunto Sourcing. Currently L7 Drive COO and board member. Experience in various technologies and networking in supply chains. Also experienced in start-up companies.

ainone petri kiikka

Petri Kiikka

Board Member

Petri has entrepreneurship in his blood. He is a third-generation family entrepreneur and is involved in about a dozen companies through either ownership or board work. Petri is described as close to life, kind-hearted and kind, but also as a risk-taker and a lifestyle entrepreneur bursting with ideas. “I carry with me the philosophy and attitude of life of the entrepreneurial family; the quarter of the family entrepreneur is a quarter of a century.”

ainone erkki saarikoski

Erkki Saarikoski

Board Member

Professional and experienced in sales and marketing. Created a long career in the mobile phone and online business and specializes especially in growth companies for sales. licensing and service concepting. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Business Planning, International Relations, Management, Fitness Industry, and Corporate Branding.

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Ainone creates Mobile platform solutions for Human performance measurement using Sensor technology and Artificial intelligence. Ainone is developing a novel, lightweight, mobile platform with the Movesense sensor technology and IBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with Ainone unique algorithms for rehabilitation and coaching use to measure the key components of human performance – all in one solution. Our first solution Ainone Balance® is easy to use, anywhere, anytime and gives accurate results about changes in human performance.

Ainone Balance Solution

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