Under­standing Neuro Perfor­mance

All-In-One Neuro Performance provides
innovative mobile solutions to healthcare and sports professionals,
for improved neurological performance evaluation.

The Ainone Expertise

Neuro Performance, including balance, plays a significant influence in the assessment and treatment of patients, clients, and athletes. 

The Ainone mission is to provide clinical tools to improve the assessment of the individual’s Neuro Performance.

Ainone Neuro Performance

Neuro Performance

Neuro Performance is defined by Ainone as the actions and processes performed by the human nervous system. Everyone has an individual level of Neuro Performance, and understanding this level of performance is critical in understanding individual health. 

Healthcare and Sports professionals require up-to-date neurological assessment tools; Accurate and financially feasible tools that will improve the initial neurological evaluation and assist in getting subjects on the correct treatment or training path earlier in the process.

Ainone Balance


Balance is with us every day, involved in most every task that we perform, but the details and complexity of the balance system is rarely considered, until problems occur – and identifying these problems as early as possible is critical. 

Ainone Elder Care

Elderly Care

Aging is inevitable, and some of the neuro performance challenges associated with aging can have a significant impact on the individual’s quality of life. A proactive approach to evaluating age related challenges such as fall related injuries and neuro-degnerative disorders is necessary for the aging population. Neuro Performance and Balance Assessment can be be critical to help. 

Ainone Physio/Rehabilitation


Neurological physiotherapy, musculoskeletal treatment, athletic rehabilitation, and many other areas of physical treatment can, and should, incorporate different elements of neuro performance assessment and training. The majority of healthcare and sports professionals understand the importance of balance in human performance, but it still remains as an underused element in the clinical and field settings. 

Ainone Sports Training

Sports Training

Neurological performance and sports performance go hand-in-hand. Whether it is about learning and acquiring new physical activity skills or perfecting the advanced details required in high-level sport performance, the neurological system is integral in all phases of activity.

Ainone Balance

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